School In The Middle Of The Sea

A small structure in a Bajau community in one of the baranggays of Panglima Tahil, just off Jolo City, hosts four classrooms for the entire village. There is no shortage of willing and eager students, but there is a dearth of facilities. Notre Dame College in Jolo has adopted this Bajau community and has been providing health and sanitation education as well as support to seaweed farming initiatives. There are a few teachers who go here to teach at a monthly wage of Php3,000.

GoNegosyo has recently adopted the community as well, providing a dryer, seedlings and fishing boats. Initial testing of the seaweed has yielded very positive results. The potential for carrageenan culturing is good. Imagine the positive impact to this community if its seaweed can be sourced for applications in milk and gels.